Posted by: Run For Life | 5 February, 2009

The Boston Marathon

Today’s TIART theme from the Runners Lounge is all about Boston.  In the running world, the Boston Marathon is the pinnacle of achievement for a lot of people.  The standard qualifying times, the prestige of the race, the winter training it takes, and the allure it brings for not only the runners but those cheering on the sidelines is something to crave.  Saying you’ve run Boston or have qualified is a great accomplishment in the marathon community and well respected.

My first memory of the Boston Marathon is from when I was about seven or eight.  After school, I would go over to my best friend’s house.  Her dad was a runner.  He was always coming home from work, saying hi to us, and bundling up to hit the pavement – reflective vest and all.  I don’t really recall much of the decor in their home except that there were bibs on the living room walls…Boston bibs.

I once remember asking what they were for and my friend replied with something to the effect of, “you know how my dad runs?  Well, he does races.  Really long races.  The Boston Marathon is a hard one to get into and he does it!”  I just remember thinking that was cool her dad raced and especially that he was able to run the hard ones.  I obviously had no idea how long a marathon was but I knew he was always out running, even in the cold.  Now that I’m into running myself that memory means a lot more for me.

I have not qualified for Boston.  Yes, I would like to.  In order to get there I’m working on following my training plans, picking up tips from other runners, and believing I can.  I probably won’t be able to qualify for another couple of years but that’s ok with me.  One step at a time.

For now, I will continue to soak up the Boston race reports and information from my faster friends while I just keep going until one day I can put my bib on the wall to show that I ran Boston.


(Last post of the day?  Probably…we’ll see.)



  1. Very cool story. I don’t have any bibs on my wall, although I think I might have to say the one from my very first Boston.

    I’m also thinking it won’t take you 2 years to make it. You’re so dedicated. Just stick with the training and it’ll happen sooner than you expect!

  2. You’ll get there…I have no doubt about it.

  3. Is a good idea

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