Posted by: Run For Life | 4 February, 2009

Get the Stink Out Challenge: Penguin Sport-Wash

I’m adding once again to the myriad of sport wash reviews because as Spartan stated the companies must have all figured out this formula around the same time (or decided we all stink too much!)  I joined the Runners’ Lounge “Get the Stink Out!” challenge and received two packets of Penguin Sport-Wash to use.  I followed the same procedure as I did for ProWash except I didn’t do any “bonus” backpacking or swimsuit loads.



  • Once dry the clothes smell of fresh soap, no perfume, no bad sweat odours, and they feel clean.
  • Not much is needed!  Those two small packets lasted me three loads which was nice (one large and two regular loads.)
  • Let’s face it: penguins are cute.  Anything with reference to a penguin gets a bonus point in my book.  (Yes, I am a sucker for marketing schemes.)
  • It’s made of biodegradable ingredients.


  • The detergent has an odd scent.  I couldn’t quite place it but it smelled familiar in some way.  The closest thing I could think of was isopropyl alcohol (albeit less obtrusive.)
  • When the clothes came out of the washer they smelled disgusting…worse than the athletic stink.  I was thinking this would be a disaster but it evaporated once they completely line dried.
  • Price (USD): $10.00/18 oz. | $12.99/20 oz. | $19.99/40 oz. (two bottles) as opposed to ProWash’s $22.64 for a three pack of 24 oz. bottles.

Other points:

  • The detergent is clear and thinner than regular detergents but it did not pose a problem and suds up nicely once in the wash.
  • The package states it’s a good stain remover for blood and grass so I tried to pre-treat a grass stain on a white technical tee I have but it did not work.  Perhaps if the stain is fresh it helps.

While we are talking about sports laundry Leana posted about WIN being at Shopper’s for a great price!


  1. Thanks for the props, … and the heads up on what a treat my nostrils are in store for when I pull my clothes from the washer!

    Happy Running!

  2. So your stuff stunk coming out of the washing machine as well, eh?

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