Posted by: Run For Life | 29 January, 2009

Workout pains

anatomyI am SO sore.  Almost as sore as after a long run where you have to walk down stairs backwards.  I’ve been upping the intensity on all my workouts lately as planned and it seemed to have caught up with me yesterday.  I normally shy away from taking NSAID’s but succumbed last night to some ibuprofen in order to fall asleep.  Today was a bit better but ooohhh man alive I am stiff!  My legs and glutes are super tight and the stick is currently making me curse it until I turn blue in the face!  Tomorrow I’m just going to take a short spin on the bike and do some yoga to stretch things out.

This morning I tripped UP the stairs (this is how I am…I rarely fall down the stairs…so bizarre.)  I think it was because I was still trying to wake up and was not paying attention.  Unfortunately, I did not catch myself in time and rammed my knee against the (wood) stair edge SUPER hard because my neuro-pathways were too slow in sending the, “quick!  Drop what you’re carrying and use arms to stop self!” message.  Is it odd that my first thought was, “oh crap, this better not hinder my workout schedule?!” I iced it of course and hadn’t even noticed I also banged up my wrist until a few hours afterwards.  There is now a fabulous blue/purple bruise on my kneecap and a smaller one on my wrist.  Fortunately, I had no issues working out today and hopefully it’ll stay that way.

In other running news, I have fallen in love with some cold weather running socks.  You see, I’ve been looking for a decent pair for some time now.  All I find are Smartwool socks or various brands like them.  I envy all of you that can just buy those because if wool is directly on my skin I itch like crazy and get a rash.

Previously I would just put on two pairs of regular technical socks but my feet would still get cold and the circulation wasn’t great.  While I was at a store the other day I finally found a pair!  They are made by Adidas and I don’t know the exact type (after a quick web search I couldn’t find them and of course I had already gotten rid of the packaging and washed them.)  They are thick, keep my feet toasty in the cold weather, and are NOT made with any wool.  These socks are also extremely soft, bonus!

Yes, I thought it was necessary to update you all on the state of my warm toes . 🙂  Yes, I realize you probably don’t care so I’ll stop rambling now.  You are quite welcome.



  1. After this morning’s polar experience (train not showing up) I definitely love your description of warm socks… My toes are freezing!

    All the best on the soreness

  2. Wow, look at all the muscles the human body has.

  3. I love SmartWool products, they are so comfortable, and seem to last forever!
    This is the last pair I bought Smartwool Adrenaline Light Crew

  4. Hopefully the yoga and the spin help out! Ouch for falling up the stairs..!!

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