Posted by: Run For Life | 29 January, 2009

Treadmill destruction :|

When I woke up this morning my legs signaled to me that they felt fantastic and there was no residual soreness.  SCORE!  All that stick rolling must have helped.  After work the car just sort of drove itself to the gym.  Only a handful of people were around (thank goodness – lately it’s been too full for my liking and I know that sounds ridiculous but I think you know what I mean.)

So I changed and hopped on the treadmill (I know, I know I said I was only going to do some biking and yoga today but I was planning on walking to warm up.)  My preferred treadmill was taken so I went to another one and uh…it was looking pretty scary.  First thing I noticed was that the little ledge to put your iPod, keys, etc. was broken off and only a sharp sliver remained.  No big deal, I just put my stuff in one of the cup-holders.  It beeped to life and the conveyor belt started to pick up speed.  As I increased the speed from a crawl to a walk I noticed that the mph display said 0.00 once it went past 3.0.  This treadmill was in sorry shape!  I was wondering if someone got angry and threw weights at it or something.  Then I was thinking maybe it was supposed to be out of order…but with no sign in sight I decided to take my chances.

I’m glad I found this ad on YouTube AFTER making that decision:

Being the brilliant woman that I am ::cough cough:: I decided to see if it was like this at any speed and held onto the button a little too long and almost flung myself off the ‘mill.  Apparently I didn’t heed sRod’s advice well enough.  At least I got a definitive answer because the speed was consistently 0.00, haha.  After my little sprint my legs were begging for a run.  Who am I to deprive them?!  I took off and you know what?  Not seeing what level I was upping my speed to made me focus more on adjusting it to how I was feeling and it was a great run!

I ran for a half hour excluding five mins. warmup and five mins. cool down.  I averaged 8:48 per mile, 2% incline.  The Australian Open was on tv so that was nice having something decent on the screen.  Following the run, I hit the bike for forty mins. and went back to the treadmill for ten minutes, yoga was a no-go…ooops.  I need to get better about sticking to my training plan and not doing more than is scheduled.  It’s hard for me though, any suggestions?

The downfall of today’s session was that I had left my water bottle at work.  I didn’t want to shell out money at the juice bar for some so I had probably a total of five sips from the water fountain that whole time.  When I arrived home I drank too much in a short amount of time and got a headache, whoops!

Random: I had a little five year old say to me today, “I’m sick, I don’t want you to give me shots and supplements.  But if yes, I want to tell you I love bacon.  I want to put it all over my face and eat it and take a bath in it.  Can I have some bacon instead of a sticker?” LMAO.  This totally made me think of Steve’s post where he put bacon band-aids on to quell nipple chafing.  I’ll have to find those and keep them on hand, eh?



  1. Treadmills love to play tricks on me too…although I’ve never been brave enough to test its limits to an extreme like you and sRod do.

    LMAO at your bacon joke too. Very funny!

  2. Treadmills keep reminding me of Stephen King books. The sharp edge sounds a bit like Christine’s grill.

    Great to hear that the run was good.

  3. […] bookmarks tagged ipod Treadmill destruction 😐 saved by 3 others     rokgod bookmarked on 01/30/09 | […]

  4. Mmm…bacon.

    Funny about the treadmill, I actually saw a guy do that last week on the treadmill while at the gym. It was awesome. Regretably it seemed out of place for me to take pictures…although I wanted to.

  5. Yup.. those treadmills always make me think they’ll eat me up! Bacon.. um check this out –

  6. I like Bacon too.

    Still not a fan of dreadmills. They’re bad news!

  7. hope you and the treadmill are ready for 7 on the 7th!

  8. More power to you! If the dreadmill wasn’t working, I would’ve taken that as a sure sign to not run – who am I to tempt fate?

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