Posted by: Run For Life | 27 January, 2009

ProWash – Ahhh, smells fresh!

sweatAs someone who is used to logging miles upon miles and hitting the gym regularly it is no surprise that my technical gear gets smelly.  I’m one of those people that has a huge puddle dripping on whatever cardio equipment earns my scorn at the gym.  I usually get looks of “eww” from the women that are biking at a heart stopping speed of 15 rpm and lifters seem to have this facial expression that says, “uhhh…is that chick sweating more than me?”  Working out is not supposed to be dainty!  After a while workout clothes smell and it builds up despite washing.

The lovely people of ProWash were kind enough to ask me to review their product.  I gladly accepted!

If you don’t want to read a detailed report here is the important info:

Would I recommend it?  Highly.  After all, we spend a lot of money on our gear – we should take proper care of it.  ProWash works extremely well in my opinion.  Even if you don’t want to use it every time you wash your technical clothes it will be beneficial to do so once in a while, so go buy a bottle!  Also, I’m not a mother but I’m thinking this would also help with some kid’s messy laundry.

Onto the experimentation:

The package came promptly and to my surprise it was a whole bottle, not just a sample.  Let me tell you, I put this stuff to the test.  First of all, I sniffed it.  There is a very slight fresh scent to it (certainly not like perfume.)  The consistency is that of regular liquid soap.

Normally I wash all my technical garb in cold water and line dry.  (Except socks and underwear – they get hot water/cold rinse.)  I add baking soda and vinegar to help clean and take out smells and put it through an extra rinse cycle.  While it does help more than just detergent – the “athlete aroma” is usually faintly there and also magically reappears once I start to workout again (especially the longer I own the item.)  Several times I’ve gotten rid of tech shirts because they were no longer wearable.

All loads were done in cold water, with nothing in addition to the ProWash, and no extra rinse cycle.


I did a load of workout clothes that I allowed to “marinate” in their sweaty-ness for a week.   All of the clothes came out lovely.  When they dried there was no smell and the clothes seemed new!  Trust me, I buried my nose in them to try to possibly find an armpit or two that wasn’t so fresh but I couldn’t!  ProWash was definitely impressing me.

I also laundered some clothes right after I worked out and got the same result.  Clothes that had been on a workout and sauna combo – it still took the stink out. I put my ski jacket and ski pants in and  ProWash prevailed.  I dragged my backpacking gear that had an “outdoor” smell to it and was also a bit musty…surprise, surprise, ProWash won the battle!

I was trying to find something it would not work on and got an idea:  I pulled out my competition and team swimsuits.  These suits have had that chlorine scent for a long time.  My favourite suit is actually seven years old.  Most of the suits have been sitting in my swim bag for three or four years.  (Yes, I’m still having my pool issues.)  ProWash removed the chlorine. Seriously.  It floored me.  When I shoved my nose into the suits I could kind of smell chlorine a TEENY TINY bit…but for how long those things were in my gear bag and knowing how many pool sessions they had seen in their lifetime I was more than happy.  A second go around completely obliterated any trace.  CRAZY – this stuff is amazing!!

It claims to restore the wicking technology in clothes and I did notice my older shirts and pants working better after I washed them in the ProWash.  It also says you can use it as a booster for regular washes.  I tried this on my bedding and towels (warm water cycle) and everything came out fresh as a daisy.


– Would I buy ProWash?  Absolutely.
– Will I?  Yes.

Cost: sells a three pack which equates to $7.55 per bottle which is about the same as what I pay for standard detergent (not on sale.) sells single bottles for $9.99 and frankly, it works so well I would pay that.
-It is also sold at some Walmart’s though I’m unsure of what their price point is.

Other tidbits:

I love that the bottle is more eco friendly than a traditional one. (I already washer1buy handwash refills with this type of bag although it looks odd it is simple to use.)  The ingredients state they are biodegradable which also bodes well. You can use ProWash on any setting, any temperature of water, and for handwashing items.  It gives clear directions for use on all sorts of washing machines and the proportions of detergent for them.



  1. […] and received two packets of Penguin Sport-Wash to use.  I followed the same procedure as I did for ProWash except I didn’t do any “bonus” backpacking or swimsuit […]

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