Posted by: Run For Life | 17 January, 2009

Sticking it to sore muscles

This post is unfashionably late, my apologies.

Remember waaay back when I posted about Viv‘s Marathon Weightloss Challenge?  Yeah, I don’t really either. 😉  Just kidding.  Anyway, I actually did pretty well and received a Travel Stick for my progress!  I also think it’s worth mentioning here that I have kept those pounds off, woot!

Onto the review: I already own The Original Stick.  I bought it because the foam roller seemed to always escape when I was trying to maintain pressure on a certain point and it takes up more space than The Stick.  I do travel quite a bit and several times have wanted to shove my Original Stick into the luggage but it would not fit properly.  So I was extremely happy I would be getting the Travel Stick for losing some pounds.

The Travel Stick was supplied by RunJunk and it arrived very quickly, was packaged well, and there was a bonus sports cream sample included.  Check out their site for a tonne of running supplies!

travel stick(It’s hard to try to manage to get a halfway decent self-pic and hold an object at the same time.)

Now onto the functionality….I have angry calves.  I really, really, really do.  They tend to knot up like no one’s business and it’s extremely frustrating.  Sometimes they are knotted to the point where the muscles won’t relax (contracted for long periods of time – which is serious.)  I’ve done ART when it gets that bad and I do think ART is a great way to tackle issues like this; although, I’d obviously rather avoid having to do so in the first place.  I also carry a lot of tension in my neck/shoulders which I find the Travel Stick easier to use in these spots.

Since I’ve gotten my little travel companion I’ve been using it mainly on my legs and The Original for everywhere else.  I “stick” it out after most runs and have just recently started to use it before runs.  Using it consistently, I definitely notice a difference as opposed to just stretching or not doing anything at all.

My muscles are a lot less sore overall, looser, I recover slightly better, and my calves haven’t been as evil. I would definitely recommend The Stick to any athlete that doesn’t have the money to get massages frequently (wouldn’t that be fantastic?!)  and/or is on the fence about purchasing one – they do help!

Thanks again to Viv for taking the time to set up the challenge and to for supplying The Stick!


  1. It’s a great piece of kit for sure…I wish I had invented it!

  2. It looks so simple… Yet, I am seriously considering getting one.

  3. Cool. I’ve heard good things about it from others, and I’ve always been tempted to use the ones at the running store after our group runs…maybe this week I’ll give it a whirl.

  4. I just bought a foam roller for my IT issues. I was going to buy the stick because I could take it with me when I travel. That’s the bad thing about the roller.

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