Posted by: Run For Life | 13 January, 2009

Back to square…two?

I’ve been evaluating my running log tonight and there are some glaring issues.  Like the fact that although I’ve been putting in the miles I am not confident enough to trust the training and put it to the test.  I do a brilliant job at doubting myself in terms of athletics.  That will stop now.  I need to trust my training, my body, and just let go of that fear.  I know it won’t be easy…but I will do it.

I started a 10K training plan from The Competitive Runner’s Handbook this week because I want to focus on increasing my speed before the next marathon schedule kicks in.  I know I’m capable of running smarter and better – so now it’s time to get serious about it.



  1. Isn’t self-doubt built-in functionality for each runner?

    Good luck on the 10 K plan!

  2. As my coach is forever telling me: “if you can run 5k fast, you can run 10k fast, then you can run 10 miles fast… and if you can run 10 miles fast….” and so on.
    Getting your 10k times down will no doubt improve your marathon times. And the training is fairly similar to marathon training – well at least my last year has been, probably only about 10 miles a week less than if I was training for a marathon.

  3. Trust your training, really trust it. I know its easier said than done, but if youve put in the work, you will be surprised at what you can do.

  4. Very smart of you to do this type of analysis. You’re going to do great on your new plan!

  5. Me too! I have the Competitive Runner’s Handbook on my night-table and I’m trying to increase my speed. I’ll be interested to hear about your experiences.

  6. you know I ran for years without ever really truly putting myself to the test… then all of a sudden last year in a 5K i just put it all out there…it was great! I don’t know why, but now I do have more confidence that I can get faster and better.

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