Posted by: Run For Life | 3 January, 2009

I couldn’t help myself!!!

I’m guilty.  I ran today after promising myself I’d let the legs rest a bit.  I know what you’re thinking but honestly there is no need to come slap some sense into me.  Here’s what went down: I hopped on the bike and my legs were awesome….I thought to myself, “I sure could use a run.”  So after the bike I walked for a bit and it stayed silent.  I kept upping the pace in small increments just to test it.  At no point was it hurting but I didn’t want to push my luck so in total I was running for 30-35 mins with a max pace of 8:30/mile.  Post workout complaints did not rear their ugly heads either so that’s great!  No worries, I’m still going to monitor it just in case and cancel my hill workout for the week.



  1. That’s great that there were no complaints afterwards. The real key to knowing if an achilles problem is getting better or worse is if its sore first thing in the morning. I dealt with an annoying problem for a few months last year and in the end I blamed it on my casual shoes. Once you find out what the problem is it can take less than a week to get things back to normal again.

  2. Glad everything held up! But don’t forget to take it easy now and then!! 😉

  3. Don’t under estimate the need for R&R!

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