Posted by: Run For Life | 24 December, 2008


I’m sharing a snippet of a convo I had with my father because I think you all will enjoy it:

Father: “So, you run at the gym, right?”
Run For Life: “Yes…”
F: “What do you call those machines?  They’re the ones like a conveyor belt?”
RFL: “It’s a treadmill and yes those are the ones.”
F: “Oh right, I forgot the name.  I can’t believe people don’t fall off those things.”
RFL: “Well, they do sometimes.”
F: “I can see why….so…can you, uhm, slow it down or do you just jump on?”
RFL: “You control the speed or pick a pre-programmed workout.”
F: “Wow, they have workouts programmed in them?!”
RFL: “Yes, dad…”

I was cracking up – he was genuinely amazed at what I told him about treadmills!  Despite how this convo makes him appear, my father is an extremely intelligent man (just had to throw that in there.)



  1. I love your title. Run for Life. I hope so bad that I can run for my entire life. It has done such good to me. My life is so different since I started running in april of ’07.

    That is a truly funny story on the treadmill. I guess we all have our topics that we don’t know about.

    Anyway, check out my blog if you want. I lost 130 lbs and have finished 7 marathons and 4 ultras. It might be a fun visit.

    Thanks for the funny post.

  2. Conveyor belt? To funny!
    Have a Merry Christmas : )

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