Posted by: Run For Life | 30 November, 2008

Eight Favourites

My apologies for being MIA recently, everything is going well and I will get back to regular posting soon.  For now, I’ll leave you with this meme that Viv tagged me for (answers are in no particular order):

8 Favourite TV Shows:

1. ER – I love this show…I’ve seen it since the beginning and well, it’s a classic for me.
2. House, M.D. – I love how House is such an ass.  I did prefer the old team and, uhm, it’s television so in my humble opinion (cough) they could have kept the three in a fellowship forever. 😛
3. Grey’s Anatomy – Are you sensing a theme?  I pretty much love any medical show but this is the last one I’ll put on the list.  Despite going a bit weird as of late, I love the wit and cheesy character plot lines.
4. Lost – I actually watched these on DVD thanks to my old roomie and the crazyness of that island is awesome.  Also, the shirtless hot men in this series does not hurt.
5. Gilmore Girls – I probably know way more about this show than anyone should.
6. Arrested Development – Oh. my. goodness.  Sooo funny.  I love the layers of meaning in this show and was thoroughly disappointed it was cut.
7. The Office – Yet another show with fabulous humour.
8. Heroes – I didn’t think I would like this show but I do.  I haven’t kept up with it this season though.

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

1. I slept in!
2. Had a nice run.
3. Followed by an ab workout.
4. Talked to some friends.
5. I went Christmas shopping and ended up not buying anything.
6. I spent a good chunk of time looking at training programmes.
7. I cleaned.
8. I went to the grocery store.

8 Favourite Places to Eat:

1. Sushi – Any good sushi place makes me happy.
2. Cactus Club – A good stand-by. (Love the Ahi Tuna!)
3. At home or at a friend’s house – I don’t eat out a lot so this is kind of tough…
4. Café Artigiano – They have some tasty lunches such as a goat cheese and fig panini.
5. Milestones – They have good salads.
6. Joey (Tomato’)s – They have some pretty tasty dishes and change their menu around every so often.
7. [Insert good resturant here] – Ok, I was straining my brain at number three for places…I’m surprised I listed six!
8. [Insert good resturant here]

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

1. Skiing!
2. Christmas.
3. My friend’s baby to arrive.
4. Multiple friend’s weddings.
5. Finally buying a Garmin.
6. Trying some new recipes I found.
7. Next paycheque.
8. New Years.

8 Things On My Wish List:

1. Garmin 305.
2. Running gear.
3. Books.
4. Trip around the world and race fees paid to top it off. 😉
5. Erm…this category is hard, too!  Shoes.
6. More traveling.
7. Gifts for all my friends.
8. Winning the lottery (which I don’t play…) and giving the money to charities/hospitals/good organisations.

8 People I Tag:

I’m too impatient to do this part, you can do it if you want and/or are bored. 🙂


  1. Hahaha we could totally watch TV together!

  2. Those are great shows, good list by the way!!!. I probably have given up on the tv shows list!!

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