Posted by: Run For Life | 20 November, 2008


Why are you thankful for running? Running gives me connectivity.  There are of course, the fabulous people you meet, the stories you share along the journey and the struggle you all endure to get where you want to be.  Running also connects you with emotions, your inner child, your surroundings and the earth.  Sure you can get your heart rate up through other activities, your lungs can burn, and your legs can scream…but through running it seems to be in the most pure form.  There is no need for extras.  If you really need a run you can forgo the Garmin, technical fabrics, high performance shoes…just put one leg in front of the other and run.



  1. You are completely right!!!, what a great post. This is one of the reasons why I started running also.

    It is just simple and efficient. No need for someone else to run, you do not need any special equipment or anything. Just put a pair of tennis shoes and start running!!!. Great post!!

  2. Great post. I share in your thanks of running.

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