Posted by: Run For Life | 3 November, 2008


Oh. My.  Goodness.

Sometimes workouts become so automatic you zone out in a bad way.  Not lately, my friends.  Here are a couple examples:  Last week sometime (yeah, I’ve been meaning to post several times…oops.) I didn’t want to do my “stupid run” because I was tired, sore, blah, blah.  I headed out anyway, still not into the whole idea.  About ten minutes in I decided to scrap the medium run for hill repeats.  I know this is probably weird for most of you but I find hill repeats not that bad.  Jogged down a good hill and ran up, down, up faster, rinse and repeat.  Heart pounding, lungs throbbing, keep going.  I went until I felt like my lungs and legs would explode.  Then I took it easy running back.  Annnnd how did I feel?  Much better.  Sometimes kicking your own ass is needed.

This brings us to yesterday.  I eventually watched some of the NYC Marathon.  Not only did it inspire me (hello…the men’s finish was AWESOME!) but it also invoked these thoughts: “Haha, suck-ers, you’re running 13.1/26.2 and I’m comfy cozy inside.”  (Normally, just the inspiration strikes.)  THEN I started to catch up on people’s blogs and OF COURSE the combo made me want to get out there.  I love/hate you all.

My legs had a mind of their own.  Instead of taking a left…I went right….and past the road I normal run down.  I was getting into a rhythm and enjoying the day.  I turned onto a different road and it had some MEGA hills.  I devoured them and found out it looped around back to a street I did know.  I kept along that road and then eventually turned toward home.  My legs decided to go past that street though and this manner of no-plan running continued until the sun started to go down.  I did have my reflective vest thing on but no headlamp so I decided to pack it up and not be an idiot. 😉

When I got home I felt so good that I did some shoulder/arm/back exercises and yoga to stretch out.  It was an unexpected day.  It was like my body was letting me know that I’ve been taking it too easy lately.  I felt like I could run forever (or at least a couple more hours.)  I need to try to remember where I went and go clock it but I think it was roughly a half in a bit less than 2 hrs.  Though, I could be wrong since hills seem to make a course longer. 😉  Seriously though, I feel rejuvenated.

Today I did an easy 5k because my legs had some residual soreness in them, yoga, and had a date with the stick.



  1. Aint it funny how motivation comes and goes! I swear I head out of the door every time I sit down with my Runners World!

  2. Haha, I do the same thing each month, too!

  3. That’s a good to find a change of routine. I like hills every once in a while too – makes you feel strong!

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