Posted by: Run For Life | 29 October, 2008

A Running Reminder

A couple days ago I was headed out to work at the ungodly hour of 5:00AM and before I made a turn onto a (usually) more busy street, I saw some movement at the side of the road.  Once I completed the turn, my beams allowed me to see it was a runner.  He was on the correct side of the road and wasn’t in the way but it was PITCH black out on this road that has no streetlamps.  He had on NO reflective gear.

About five minutes later, I turned onto a marginally lit street…and there is a man, walking his dog, in the MIDDLE of the road.  I’m so glad I’m not a speed demon when I drive, otherwise I might have hit him.

THEN, literally about 2k down from that is an elderly gentleman walking and he is wearing all black.  The only reason I could see him was that my eyes were in hypersensitivity mode by that point scanning for things in the dark.  I think I missed the “get up super early and dress in black to frighten the few drivers on the road” memo.  The rest of the drive I was paranoid and probably crawled along at 20 clicks (jk, sort of, lol.)  I also witnessed another car blatently running a red light (I assume they were either not fully awake or just figured it was early so they could get away with it.)  That made me hope no one was walking/running near wherever they were going and I did honk because that infuriated me.  I think my b.p. and pulse must have been high by the time I arrived…MAN ALIVE PEOPLE!!!

The runner was wearing a white top and shorts…and being a runner myself, I just wanted to remind you all to BUY some reflective gear or the tape and put it on your clothes and use a headlamp if it’s bloody dark out.  Also, be aware that not all reflective gear is created equal.  Especially the apparel because most just have one tiny little reflective square in the front or back and that is not nearly good enough in my opinion.  So please, please, please make sure you’re safe.  I myself use a headlamp (and don’t care what the heck anyone thinks of me when they pass me) and an amphipod reflective thingy and make sure I have some reflective stickers on my shoes as well.  Those blinky lights also look great.  If your budget is tight and you can’t afford anything right now, DON’T RUN IN THE DARK or suck it up and buy some instead of a non-urgent item.

BE CAREFUL when you’re out and about exercising and when driving watch out for those that are not.

With Well-Meaning Tough Love,




  1. From your first few incidents, I thought we were playing a game called “Avoid The Road Runner”

    Good advice, though. Looking cool and dead can’t really compare with loving like a dufus and safe. Totally agree with the headlamp and reflective gear when you’re out in the dark!

  2. Really? Why are people walking in the middle of the road at 5 am? Do they have a death wish? Thanks for the reminder about wearing reflective gear, it is definitely a great one! I’m not a huge fan of running in the dark so I try to avoid it if at all possible, but I do have a little blinky light if I do need to go out in the dark.

  3. Thanks for the tough love. Someone needed to say it.

    People are so stupid…


  4. Going to work at 5am?! The only time I do that is to catch an early morning flight – real early – which I try to avoid as much as I can!

  5. Laminator : Perhaps they wanted to make a game of it, three was more than enough though!!

    Leana: I have no idea…I certainly wouldn’t be walking around at that time if I could avoid it! I don’t like running in the dark either.

    Steve: Yeah people are, lol.

    Rich: Yeah…I try to avoid the 5AM hour for work, trust me, haha.

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