Posted by: Run For Life | 17 October, 2008

Tough love

Things fell wonderfully into place on this run today.  I found my rhythm and my legs seemed fresh.  I got lost in the runner’s zone for awhile.  My nerves were actually picking up the “run faster” brain signals and transferring them to the feet sans protest.  Then, the lungs started to ache a little.  So I pushed harder.  They continued to get more uncomfortable but I kept the pace, coughed a little, and then sped up some more.  I finished the run dripping with sweat as if it were a hot summer day (it was far from it), my pulse rate was higher than I usually finish a workout at, and I felt satisfied.

Post run while showering I was thinking about why even though this run was harder it felt better.  The answer: because I didn’t get “comfortable” and settle I pushed myself and wouldn’t back down from the small goals I made.  I think recently I’ve just gone to the edge of my “bubble” since I am not training for something and therefore, the running was getting  mundane in a sense.

Let’s face it, I love to push myself.  I like to learn and struggle through things because ultimately it makes me a better person.  I may curse the process but the results are worth it and I feed off of that to propel me to advance further.  It’s easy to wreck the balance though because it’s frequent for me to think nothing is good enough and then I get cranky and self-loathing (I’m sure the majority of runners are like this.)

I’ve decided I’d rather work on those negative feelings when they come up.  Because, aiming for comfortable?  To put it bluntly, makes me feel mediocre…and I refuse to settle for that.  Bring it.



  1. Haha, bring it indeed! Mediocre is no place to be. So keep pushing, and you’ll see results.

    Congrats on your great run today, Kirsten.

  2. great description. Those runs are the best.. when you push the edge of your abilities just a bit. Isnt that why we do this? 🙂

  3. Great job on pushing yourself. I have the hardest time on my solo runs. But whenever I feel completely dead after I run, I feel super good.

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