Posted by: Run For Life | 11 October, 2008

Dirty. Sweaty. Smelly. Manly?

We all know that running long distances means that you aren’t smelling fresh as a flower when you’re done.  This doesn’t usually bother me unless I’m near someone who has forgotten their deodorant before the race or maybe they haven’t figured out that the clothes you run in need to be washed periodically at a minimum.  

At any rate, despite this not bugging me too often, any product that promises my sweaty workouts could be a bit fresher sounds good to me (hello, WIN detergent – I love you!) so when I saw the new Secret Sport Clinical Strength Deodorant in the store I thought I’d give it a shot.  Sure, it costs double the amount as my normal stick (although, if I had known what the economy was doing this week I probably would have hid that money under my mattress) but I rationalized it by thinking that if it works and I’m only using it for long runs, it should be worth it, correct?  Actually, what really sold me was probably the fact that it comes in “Marathon Fresh Scent.”  (Yes, I am a sucker for marketing gimmicks.) OK, enough tangents…

It comes in a box so I didn’t want to open it in the store to sniff it.  After all, it has pictures of flowers on it…so it should be a nice, light, fresh, floral fragrance that will indulge my olfactories, right?

WRONG.  I put it on the night before my long run.  I thought it smelled “manly” but decided to try it anyway.  Went running and while I didn’t smell like b.o. I thought I smelled like a man.  Thank goodness no one else was out running by me.  On a positive note, it made me preoccupied with my axillary glands for the entire time that I didn’t notice any bad portions of my run. 😉

I thought perhaps I needed to give it another go and put some on post-shower.  Then I felt so self conscience that I was smelling like manly body products all day at work I thought some coworkers might think my singledom had changed, hehe.  Fearing it was all in my head and that I was silently freaking out about nothing I later asked someone to smell my deodorant (no NOT my armpits, the ACTUAL stick.)  I covered up the label so they wouldn’t know what it was.  The response? “Smells like man.”  

Fan. Freakin’. Tastic.  So, I did something I NEVER do.  I took it back and complained about the scent.  They refunded my money, thank goodness.  SERIOUSLY though?!  Secret (or any other company for that matter): if you are making a product made for WOMEN please make sure they won’t end up smelling like a MAN.  Most of us only like those scents to stay on the opposite gender.

So, women: don’t buy the SPORT version of Secret, even though it’s “Marathon Fresh Scent” and men: go right ahead if you want to.



  1. LOL! That’s a funny story. Secret has a man deodorant…hmmm…will have to check it out next time I’m around that aisle in the supermarket.

  2. I use Ban…the powder fresh version….

  3. I know, I bought that one once too, bad, bad, bad…
    but the hypoallergenic/unscented version of it I really like.

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