Posted by: Run For Life | 10 October, 2008

Ohhh the klutz in me….

Taking a spill on a trail can result in some interesting bruises.  Sometimes it’s beneficial to refresh the lessons a toddler learns…you know…like how to walk and run without falling flat on your face.

That’s my kneecap, it didn’t come out too well because of the lighting.  Surprisingly, it only hurt the day I bruised it but I took this week easier juuust in case.

Also, when it’s not even 19:00 on a Friday night and you feel like it’s midnight that’s probably a sign you need some rest.  I know, my life is so exciting.



  1. It happens to all of us. Don’t sweat it. Take care of your kneecap though…and get some rest.

    Have a good weekend, Kirsten

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