Posted by: Run For Life | 5 October, 2008

The simple things

Sometimes it’s the tiny things that make your day.  Like the radio playing awesome songs the entire commute home.   Or finishing the massive container of gross protein powder you stupidly bought because the salesperson promised you it was great tasting….even though you know you ALWAYS end up hating flavoured protein powder. It’s GONE, woot!!  It’s never going to steal $60.00 from my wallet ever again, double woot!! (Perhaps I need a more exciting life, n’est pas?)  Onto the bearable protein powder I go.  YAY!  (Yes, I am waaay too excited about this.)  Moral of this pathetic story: ask for samples people.

In some slightly more interesting drivel, when passing a family on a trail I overheard this:

Kid: “Mom, I need a break.”
Mom: “We’re almost there, it won’t be worth it to stop here.”
Dad: “Let’s go, buddy, just walk slower.”
Kid: “I don’t waaannnaaaa.”
Mom: “You can do it, it’s like the end of the marathon, dig deep.”
Kid: “No!”  ::gives parents the death stare::

Hahaha.  I thought that was quality.  I assume the child was thinking, “Not running talk AGAIN!  We aren’t running and I’ve never done a marathon before.  You are crazy!” but decided the staring would be less trouble.



  1. hahahahaha

    Sounds lime me when I was a kid!!!, I hope I do not become that person again!!!

  2. What was the little wimps problem?

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