Posted by: Run For Life | 2 October, 2008

Running Lessons

This week’s TIART is about life lessons you learn from running.  I’m sure we could all list a million of things so I will just jot down one that I constantly come back to with running: pace yourself so you will finish your goal in the most efficient manner.  Of course, that doesn’t always pan out so it may require tweaking as you go along.

If everything you try has a major meltdown on the big day and nothing works….eat.  drink.  whine.  Then suck it up the next day and start planning again…this time, hopefully, will have a more desirable outcome.  If you DO reach/exceed your goal…eat. drink. gloat.  Then get over yourself and set some more the following morning.


1. Set goal
2. Write down steps to help obtain set goal.
3. Add sub-goals if desired. (ie: Have a negative split, eat better, blah blah…)
4. Carry out actions when appropriate. (race day, due date, take-out-the-garbage day…)
5. Reassess goals periodically and adjust as going along.
6. Do your best (go YOU, RA RA!)


7. Eat: Usually something unhealthy such as a chocolate bar, pizza, ice cream, fries, etc.
8. Drink: Water, of course. 😀
9. Whine and/or brag about the race.
10. Get over it in a timely manner.
11. Rinse and repeat.

NOTE: the “after” steps don’t ALWAYS apply in non-running goals.  For example, if you are at work and finish a project on time DO NOT stuff your face immediately with chocolate bars and ice cream while prancing around, sipping a beer, and saying “I’M BETTER THAN YOU” to your co-workers. (Exception: if you are Michael Scott, Meredith Palmer, Creed Bratton…or anyone that works at Dunder Mifflin, really…)

If this plan of action doesn’t work for you in the slightest…well…I’m not a professional life coach so…oops. 😉

In all seriousness/cheesiness though:



  1. Pacing yourself is indeed something you can learn from running! No point in running like a mad woman, and then not being able to finish!

    As a mom of five I often have to pace myself, since I still have a long, long way to go.

    And it really helps.

    In both cases, running and mothering, I’m in it for the long haul.

  2. What? You don’t recommend eating a bowl full of linguine (ala Michael Scott) in the minutes before the race? Good post!

  3. That’s one of my favorite Office episodes! I think we have all made that mistake…

  4. That is my most favourite episode of the office. In my last marathon when I started to chaffe, I wanted to yell out, “THE CHAFFING!! IT’S STARTING!!!”

  5. Love The Office! And that poster at the end is just awesome. That’s what it’s all about.

  6. I couldn’t agree more … goals are what keep me going.

    I don’t watch The Office much, but if there’s an episode about running, then I gotta see it!

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