Posted by: Run For Life | 22 September, 2008

“…another one bites the dust”

Of course, I have to pay homage to Queen:

What the Mizuno’s treads should look like:

The pair that bit the dust:

As I’ve stated before, I liked the Mizuno’s a lot (though not as much as my Asics.)  Even though I was originally rotating the pairs these ones have worn out quicker because I took only them on my travels this summer.  (I didn’t want to lose my Asics, haha.) I would definitely buy another pair to rotate and am certainly not opposed to seeing if I like any other models as well.  I think I could probably find one more neutral for me, the tread from the back shows more wear on the outer edge (still supinating too much.)  Overall, I think I will keep with rotating pairs because I noticed my feet like that better and the runners do last longer.  Time to hit the shoe sales!



  1. Can’t tell which model you’re running in, but I run in Wave Creations. They are a “moderate neutral” which is basically right on the cusp between stability and neutral. I was supinating too much in my stability Asics, and love these Mizunos. Granted, I feel like they wear down faster than Asics, but they are my best option right now.

  2. I love my Saucony’s, but maybe one day I’ll swing over and try Mizunos….maybe, LOL

  3. Mmmmm. interesting, I think I have to run more. I still are not able to distinguish with so much detail the differences between different tennis shoes. Or maybe that is because I have not try a different tennis shoe pair since about a year now!!

  4. Shopping for shoes is the BEST.
    (no matter if they are running- or other shoes).

    Mine will reach the age of 1000 Km’s within the month, so I will go on a shopping trip soon too. I use Saucony’s at the moment, and am very curious about the Asics and Mizuno’s.

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