Posted by: Run For Life | 20 September, 2008


Important non-running info: My cousin is home and safe, YAY!!!! (She evacuated for hurricane Ike for those of you that are out of the loop.)  Fortunately, her other pets are fine and despite her fencing being destroyed, some roof and siding damage the good news is her house is still standing.  She said that the rest of the neighbourhood wasn’t so lucky and there are boats in the street, houses now are piles of debris, and other crazy stuff like that.  I’m going to “borrow” some of her pics to show you all in a post tomorrow.  She still is without power and having to boil water and doesn’t know when she’ll be able to go back to uni or work. I’m SO glad she’s safe and still has a home and her animals.  I know she very well could have been one of the more unlucky ones.


Regular Post: I’ve been avoiding my blog.  Because I don’t want to admit something and also because I don’t have much to post. My runs are going well but I’m in that rhythm where they are not differing much. So, I figured I better ‘fess up now though…I’m 85% sure that this half that I signed up for won’t be happening.  ::sigh:: I suppose I could just run a half by myself…and perhaps I will.  I was just looking forward to this half.  It’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.  Next time I’ll make a less crumbly cookie, erm…::cough::

In regards to this weeks TIART I didn’t post on this because my sidebar has a bazillion great running blogs I check out regularly (and some I haven’t listed yet!)  There is no way I was going to post about all of those because I just don’t have the time, lol.

In other running news…it’s time to buy more runners (such a love-hate thing for me.)

Now for some happiness, here are some pictures of a hike I took recently in Squamish (near Whistler, BC) with one of my best friends.  She stated, “if you put a picture of my sweaty self on facebook, you will die.”  I am assuming this extends to the internet in general so I cropped her out.  The good news is, this madness has spread to her and she’s now starting to run, yay!

I realize I’ve been slacking all summer on posts…I’m sorry.  I’m sure I’ll come up with some rambling substance-filled posts soon instead of lots of pictures, haha.

This is the view from the parking lot.


This is the mountain we’re going to climb, “The Chief.”  (I actually took this from the car driving to the parking lot.)

The start (should be vertical)

Mist is starting to burn off of the mountains

Getting narrow

Peak One

Peak Two

I like that you can see the Sea to Sky Highway in this.

This little guy decided to climb on me (and I didn’t have any food!)

So…why did THIS one insert the correct way?  I give up. Anyway, it seems I always have a cheesy-painful-looking smile when sweaty (and usually squinting)…perhaps to thwart you into thinking exercise doesn’t tire me, haha.  Check out my lovely hair, too!  (One of these days I’ll post a non-exercise picture of myself and you’ll think you have the wrong blog.)

Black Tusk (which, when I backpacked up there in July there was also snow there…it was crazy but great after being hot to cool off, haha.) – seen from Peak Three.  Unfortunately, Peak Two was more picturesque than Peak Three 😛



  1. Good to know your cousin was safe. Hope this area was good to her….Geez, how did that critter get on your leg…. were you scared?

  2. Pictures provide a lot of substance too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kevin – Thanks, she was bored but FW was good to her. Those chipmunks were the most tame ones I have ever seen. They were scurrying all over the place and when I sat down that one just ran onto my leg! I wasn’t scared; I just hoped it wasn’t going to bite me, haha.

    Thanks, Rich.

  4. Nice pictures, that is a lovely area!

    Little chippies, they are sooo cute!

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