Posted by: Run For Life | 12 September, 2008


So I got word about a day ago that my cousin (who is more like a sister to me) was evacuating Houston because of Ike.  She’s safe and in a hotel in Fort Worth with her two dogs.  Watching the news though, they say the Clear Lake part of Houston will most likely be ground zero.  Which is where she lives.  Unfortunately, she was unable to take the bird and rabbit but put them up as high as possible and with lots of food and water.  Hopefully her home and pets will be ok but it doesn’t look good at all.  This has put me in a super pissy mood and I can’t even imagine how she and others affected by this storm feel.

I hope if I have any readers from TX (or those with friends and family from there) that you are also out of harms way.



  1. OMG, it just makes it so real to me when I read about someone that someone knows being apart of this natural disaster!

    I’m praying for her safety (and really praying hard that her pets will remain safe)…that must have been the hardest decision for her to make….

    please let us know how everything works out for them in the aftermath

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