Posted by: Run For Life | 11 September, 2008

Taper Shmaper

This week, it’s Tapering Madness as the subject of the Runner’s Lounge TIART.  I’m not going to give you any tips or signs, just a story.

Last year, when I began tapering for my upcoming marathon, I thought that it would be easier than running a leisurely mile…let alone 30+ a week.  I mean, how hard could resting be?

I was doing well.  I missed running lots of miles, sure.  Tapering provided the body time to heal and recuperate is what I kept telling myself.  I read tonnes of running articles, tried to focus more on work, my upcoming trips, and other day to day items.  I was handling this taper thing with grace!  Everything was going smoothly and I was confused as to why people called it tapering madness.  Sure I got the itch to run more than prescribed but I was filling my time with other things just fine.

A few nights later I was talking to my roomie and all the sudden she blurted, “WILL YOU JUST GO OUT FOR A RUN?!”  I laughed and asked her why.  To which she responded, “You are going crazy not running.  Which is in turn driving me crazy!! You’re really cranky, and you are in denial.  You keep talking about how you don’t miss running, when really you do.  You just need to go run.”

I started to cry.  Yes, I cried.  Why?  Because I couldn’t “just go out for a run, it isn’t on the schedule…that’s for tomorrow…and it is only 10k.”  We both started to laugh after I finished whining, I ate some dinner, had a shower, and went to sleep early.  So I could get that 10k in as soon as possible.  Hehehe…tapering madness???  Me???  Nah….


  1. Oh how this rings true right now

  2. Nice story! Tapering well is really an art form that few have yet mastered.

  3. I’m getting ready for my taper too. I’m just hoping I don’t OD on carbs and gain like 10 lbs. eeks.

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