Posted by: Run For Life | 7 September, 2008

Destination Run – Worthing, Britain

While I was visiting friends in Britain they were able to tell me about this little trail run in the country.  (Unfortunately, when I was in London the weather was uncooperative so I didn’t get any decent photos from those runs.)

Start of the trail

Sorry, I don’t know how to flip this 😛

There were butterflies EVERYWHERE!

The trail narrowed quite a bit and the surface was pretty hard on the feet.  You cannot really tell the depth in this picture too well though.  (These are vertical on my comp…but upload horizontal for some reason, grr!)

Near the top.

The English Channel in the distance.

This is sort of like Stonehenge.

This completely reminds me of an Austen or Brontë novel.

It was super windy up at the tip-top.

Terrible picture, but it’s also funny.

Running on the grass felt like heaven, it was so…springy?!

I passed a lot of sheep, some dogs, a few people walking, golfers, and one runner who hurdled a fence in his path (crazy Brit!)  This was an enjoyable and peaceful country run.  The town itself is pretty cute, and not far from Brighton and other places to explore.  Let me tell you…Brighton Pier is like no other pier I have ever been to, it was HUGE!!  It’s also very close to some of the famous calcium carbonate cliffs.  While I didn’t run here, I think you’d enjoy seeing the Seven Sisters:



  1. Nice pics! I haven’t been running in months. I really want to start back up again after my move, though! (In three weeks!)

  2. O Wow! Absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. Wonderful photos. Thanks!

  4. Great photos. It’s always nice to see the green, green grass of home!

  5. Wowee that is gorgeous…thanks for sharing that!

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