Posted by: Run For Life | 14 August, 2008

Tender Tootsies

This week’s TIART topic is the care and feeding of your feet. I have to admit…feet have always kind of weirded me out. They’re ugly and…ugly, haha. I have come to terms with my footsies now; especially since starting running I’ve learned to appreciate them even more. A few years back someone gave me this pedicure set and it was awesome. So here is how I tend to my feet (because I’m too cheap to actually pay someone to give me a pedicure):

  • Fizzy’s – These lovely things are GREAT if your feet are feeling tired, after a long run, or you just want some pampering. Fill some water into a basin (or the bottom of the tub) drop the fizzy in and relax for 15 minutes or so.
  • Pumice stone or foot file – Great for sloughing off dead skin and also helps to prevent cracking in the winter. I know a lot of runners leave their calluses on but I actually find that makes it harder for me to run…so for me, I try to keep them smooth.
  • Foot scrub – Ohhh, my heaven’s does this ever feel good after a long run. I love the peppermint scented ones which add a little tingle.
  • Cooling spray – great if your feet feel “hot” or (you guessed it) after a long run. This stuff smells good and does what it says, cools the feet.
  • Nail care – Clipping or filing your toenails comes next (you should always use a clipper designed for feet. These have STRAIGHT edges.) Going straight across helps to minimize the occurrence of ingrown toenails and less breakage. I also like to put cuticle cream or oil over the nails to soften them up and then push the cuticle back with an orange stick. Apply nail polish if you want afterwards.
  • Foot Lotion – Using regular lotion is fine but actual foot lotion is thicker and helps bring more moisture to the feet. I usually throw cotton socks on after applying to reap the benefits.

I go through this whole shabang once every 2 months or so. More frequently, I use a pumice once a week and after every shower I lotion up my feet. Of course, I also clip my nails when they need it.

Running essentials for feet:

  • Runners – obviously you should have well fitting runners. Most people are fine going up one half size from their everyday shoes. Some people (such as myself) need shoes a full size larger.
  • Technical socks – Always, always, always wear socks made from materials other than cotton when heading out for a run.
  • Moleskin – I use this if I get a “hot” spot and it usually does the trick.
  • Bodyglide – I keep a travel size of bodyglide to use just for my feet. It definitely wards off those blisters and doesn’t make your feet all goopy.
  • 2ndSkin – If you do get a blister, this stuff is awesome.

Just for fun, I purchased this a while ago and it feels incredible (from The Body Shop):


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