Posted by: Run For Life | 13 August, 2008

Sad :(

I’m going to cry myself to sleep now. Just kidding…sort of, lol.

In a little better news, Tuft (CAN) was holding onto 1st in the Men’s Cycling Individual Time Trials for a solid chunk of time…alas, that wasn’t in the cards either. With the medals eventually going to SUI/SWE/USA. It’s a good thing I like all those teams or else I’d be doing some more crying. šŸ˜‰ Fabian, the gold medalist was foaming at the mouth when finished. He definitely gave it his all and it was well deserved – same with the other two placements. I hope he’s ok, seeing that kind of concerned me. (sidenote: I totally want to marry someone named Fabian, that would be AWESOME. Coudl you imagine: “This is my husband, Faaabian.” That would rock my socks. Another sidenote: These Olympics have also solidified the fact that I want an Asian child because they are just SO unbelievably adorable. So if anyone’s going to China/Japan/Korea/Singapore/etc. please bring me back a baby, please and thank you.)

Night…morning…afternoon…I’ve totally lost it now. Sleeeeeeep.


  1. I’ve always felt weird saying how cute Asian kids are, so I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one! I swear I get my heart broken every week by one cutie or another. šŸ™‚

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