Posted by: Run For Life | 7 August, 2008

Ready, Set, Run!

In my quest to start running more races I am taking baby steps. I’m signed up for Nancy’s 8 on the 8th and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I have been meaning to sign up for the Human Race 10k and finally got around to it.

Vancouver is one of the city’s where there will be an actual supported race “PERFECT!” I thought. Until I clicked the sign up link and find out they want me to fork over $50.00 for a 10k. SHEESH! Especially since the fee for other cities are not that much. So, I have signed up to run on my own (free!) I’m still contemplating switching to the actual race…but I probably won’t. Does anyone else feel that’s a high price for a 10k?



  1. $50 dollars seems normal to me. I think the Sporting Life 10k in Toronto is about $50 dollars, maybe more if you register late. But I do think it’s a high price …

  2. OK, I have only paid up to $35 for 10k’s but maybe they’re increasing now…or I’ve been going to crappy races, haha.

  3. That’s a shocking price for a race – 10k or not. My favourite thing about this year has been all the free races I got to take part in with my club in London. Now I’m back in Ireland and it’s a different story altogether… €15 for a 3000m, €50 for a half…
    In one sense it’s a good thing as I love a good moan… plenty of fuel for that now

  4. I found it such an annoying website I didn’t bother to search for the fee.

    $50 for a 10K is a little steep unless you are getting good bling!!!

  5. Yeah, 50 bucks is high, but whenwill you run with millions of people across the world at the same time again? Might as well go for it.

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