Posted by: Run For Life | 5 August, 2008

T minus 3 days!!!

To the OLYMPICS, woot woot!!!
– I have discovered this site and this one, which is very cool because you can read Olympians’ blogs.
– Youtube has been my friend and I love watching past running events:

For those of us who aren’t in Beijing why not join in on this virtual race Nancy’s 8 miles on the 8th to quench a little bit of your competitive thirst?

In not-so-exciting news I wasn’t able to drag my butt out of bed at 4:30AM HOWEVER I did run at 5:30AM so…I’m getting there on those A.M. runs.  I might just continue to stick with 5:30 though 😉



  1. I wish I could get up at 5:30AM to run – it’s so nice to get it out of the way! Unfortunately, I’m a night owl so morning runs are pretty much impossible.

    Although, I can get up pretty early on the weekends to run… I know, makes no sense.

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