Posted by: Run For Life | 2 August, 2008

“I swim with the fishes ’cause the fish are alright”

I have a confession to make. This week…I did something I was trying to avoid. SWIMMING!

It all started when I went on a shopping adventure the other day…although not for running gear, it was to buy a swimsuit. I rationalized this by saying I needed one on hand “just in case.”

First of all, when I went to purchase one I was completely uncomfortable as soon as I looked at the racks. “Sizes 4,6,8, etc.? What the….” I thought. Then I clued in to the fact that I’m used to buying competitive suits, which are sized much differently. So I grabbed a few not knowing what would fit. This was comical because they also fit very different to what I’m accustom (although I’m pretty sure I hated it while I was in the fitting room, lol) it took a few tries to figure out what I liked best.

Also, suits with built in bras…are you KIDDING me? That is just weird.

Finally…price difference. When on a team you can get your suits for ridiculously cheap prices so there was a fair amount of sticker shock for me to endure, even though the suits were on clearance.

Now onto the good stuff: Getting in the water again was GLORIOUS. It was amazing and I wanted to stay in there for hours (I was in for one.) I swam at a lake and I cannot even remember the last time I’ve had a lake swim. I did some diving off the docks and surprisingly, the lifeguard didn’t seem to care, bonus! I was super rusty but it felt fantastic anyway. There were a few kids playing in the shallow area and they all cheered when I did different dives, it was hilarious.

There were also some lanes roped off and no one was in them so I did a good workout in one. I have no idea how long the lanes were and I’m horrible at estimating things like that. I was really only aiming to get my heart rate up anyway so the mission was accomplished.

The verdict? I want more. Just as I feared, haha.

Oh, and my title comes from the song posted below (although this video now makes me want to go to Asia, lol) I also find it makes a good running song:

Matthew Good – Big City Life



  1. Can you teach me to love swimming? I hate it so much!

  2. If I’m in Hawaii I’ll look you up and in return you can teach me how to run up (or down) a volcano, lol.

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