Posted by: Run For Life | 9 July, 2008

New gear, new mindframe?

I bought some new running gear a while ago when it was on sale. This may not seem like a big deal to you all…but I purchased a pair of running shorts and a running skirt (which have been sitting in my drawer neatly folded.) I’ve never run in either before. That’s right. Even if it’s 26C/80F or more I have always run in pants, tights or capris. Well, I tried the shorts out fairly shortly after buying them and they kept creeping up. It made me feel so uncomfortable I thought I might just stop and walk but I kept going (albeit, awkwardly tugging on the shorts periodically.) I went back to running in capris.

Then, I finally mustered up the courage to put on the running skirt a few days ago. I’ll admit that my self confidence is not the greatest. I’ve been working hard for the past year to change this and it’s definitely improved a lot and the area I struggle with the most is body image. So this was a huuuge step for me. Granted, the entire time I was worried someone would see me and think I looked ridiculous, but one step at a time, right? I actually liked the skirt better than the shorts because it did not ride up. However, body glide will need to make it’s appearance more, boo to chafing!

Overall, I still like the running pants better but I think it’s probably just one of those weird mind blocks. So, I’m going to suck it up and run in the skirt or shorts for the rest of the summer.


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