Posted by: Run For Life | 28 June, 2008

What to say..?

Yes, I’m still alive and kickin’ 😛

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been in a foul mood lately and did not want to impose that onto my RBF’s.  I’ve just been feeling down, mopey, and in a general state of unrest.  Which I HATE being like since it’s so out of character for me.  I’ve decided to put a moratorium on my bad mood and list some things I’ve been mulling over because it might help.

The past couple of days I’ve been trying to pinpoint the reason I’ve been cranky.  I think it boils down to two factors: eating differently than normal (read: caffeine and sweets) and also UNDERtraining.  Yes, not overtraining, but undertraining.  (I now proclaim this a word.)  I’ve been keeping my mileage low for fear that I’ll cause an injury since my legs were giving me such trouble a while ago.  Lately though, I haven’t wanted to run because when I do, it seems like I’m just warming up when it’s time to stop.  So, starting tomorrow the mileage will be increasing.  I’ll report back to see if this is in fact helping later on.

A little tidbit about me: I am a shy person initially.  Once you get to know me, I’ll open up and it’ll be hard to shut me up at times.  I’ve also noticed that this has become worse lately.  So, I need to make some new friends around my age.  The first problem is that I do not know where to start…I know how to talk to people (I’m not socially inept, just shy) but WHERE do I meet people my age?  I don’t go clubbing (and even if I did, I don’t think I’d end up meeting a BFF there, haha.)   The second problem is I tend to have a few close friends and a lot of acquaintances.  The friends I do have are amazing people but we’re all spread out all over the place (different parts of Canada, Europe, USA, China, etc.) so I rarely get to see them.  Time to make some local friends.  As for work, no one is even close to my age.  Any ideas would be welcome.  Yes, I feel extremely dorky stating all this here.

We’ll end this on a happy note though 😉  I found out that Telefrancais is on YouTube:

So…there it is.  Pressing the “post” button is unexpectedly hard on this one.



  1. Oh, I hear you on this one, I’m in a very similar situation. I’ve been in Calgary for two years now. How do you make friends as an adult? I owed all of my friends in San Antonio to a bad night of speed dating. If you come up with the solution, let me know as this has been going through my head for some time now as well.

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