Posted by: Run For Life | 31 May, 2008

Sizzling Hot…

…I had hit the frickin’ wall and was in the miserable mind-game phase of my long run when I reached down and discovered my bottle was empty.  I grasped at the other two and found them to be empty as well.  “How can this be?”  I thought in utter disbelief since I was doing everything like I had previously.  Yet, I forgot to account for the fact that today it was a good 5-7 degrees C hotter.  I distinctly remember unscrewing the caps and trying to get any last drop.  The next place I could get water at was three miles away.  There was no shade and I could feel the panic start to spread.  I asked a few people around me if they had any water they could spare.  No dice.  My brain said “now you HAVE to pick up the pace so you can get water.”  Probably counter-intuitive but that’s what happened.

I visualized swimming in the ocean that I was running around.  I thought how nice it would be to take a shower once the run was over.  How good some watermelon would taste.  I was definitely feeling the heat and not completely with it.  Once I realized how ridiculous I was being I told myself to suck it up and stop griping and that millions of people would love to have fresh water daily at their disposal.  I could run into a Starbucks and get free water if I couldn’t make it to the water fountain unlike those that face the very real possibility of contracting dysentery from their local water supply.  Still, it was not a fun three miles and once I saw the outdoor pool come into view I knew that I was almost there.  Municipal water never tasted so good.

Fortunately, the lesson was learned as I have never had this problem again.  I now usually plant more water for long run routes, and make sure I’ll have more water than I think I will need.  I put out some Gatorade just in case the water isn’t doing it’s trick.  If I’m traveling I take into account the difference in weather and humidity.  When it comes to hydration being over prepared is significantly better than risking dehydration or heat stroke.


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