Posted by: Run For Life | 22 May, 2008

Backwards Running

…Ok, not quite.  I did hill repeats “backwards” today.  I’m sure there is probably a proper term for this but right now that escapes me.  So in case your brain doesn’t work quite as well as mine ::cough cough:: what I did today was walk up a hill, run down it with the best form I could, jog back up, run down faster, etc.  Quads were a-blazin’ but it was a “good” burn.  I think I should implement this more because running downhill usually bothers me more than running uphill.

Then I just ran.  It was one of those days when my feet and lungs just didn’t want to stop.  I haven’t had that for a while so it was certainly welcome.  I didn’t bring my iPod so I have no idea how far I went (and right now I don’t feel like using Google Earth) but I was out for about 1:30 so probably around 16k (10 miles.)

On an entirely different note – I have something exhilarating and fun planned for this weekend.  I’ll keep you in suspense though, mwuahaha!


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