Posted by: Run For Life | 2 May, 2008

All over

Fair warning: this post has no central point.

Does anyone else ever get the overwhelming urge to run super late at night?  I sure do.  Somehow I manage to contain myself from venturing outside at 3AM…probably a good thing.  Still.  There are times I wish I owned a dreadmill.  Or a membership to a 24 hr. gym.  I’ve woken up from fitful “sleep” this entire past week just wanting to go run.  Somehow, my body must think running in the daylight is just not the same. 😛

Some random thoughts:

1. I haven’t received my April, May, or June issues of RW (…and yes, I reported a problem and no the subscription has not ended.)
2. The pool still taunts me.
3. I got a sample of a new electrolyte replacement to try out, wooohoooo!
4. For some bizarre reason I have only been able to access the recent posts at the CRN site and none of the articles this week.
5. I am bloody bored.  As if you could not tell. 😉

Do be do be dooo…

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