Posted by: Run For Life | 26 April, 2008


I have been running but simultaneously avoiding posting.  My first run back was much less than I anticipated it would be which left me not really wanting to blog anything. I am feeling much better; thanks for the well-wishes everyone!

Onto the running – about 400 metres after warming up my lungs were hurting and I knew that I wasn’t going to manage the planned two miles.  I’m taking some advice from fellow RBF’s on sickness/injuries and going slow.  So, even though I felt like I HAD to run a couple of miles, I refrained.  I walked until I felt the “drowning lungs” dissipate substantially and then alternated jogging and walking for a modified fartlek type of workout.

I’ve been implementing these “runs” for the past week and I can tell that a lot of my endurance will need to be rebuilt.  C’est la vie.  I’m glad I am still able to do something and it’s certainly not as bad as it could be.  The bonus of these workouts for me is I know the difference between when my lungs hurt because I’m pushing hard and when they’re going to become spastic on me.  By any means I haven’t even been coming close to pushing hard so this is easier for me to do than trying to run as long as I can; which would probably irritate the lungs more quickly.

Because I haven’t been running at the intensity I’d like to be I’ve been doing some serious cross-training and it hurts so good I must say, haha.  I’m just going with the flow and hoping I’ll be back to it soon by actually listening to my body unlike my natural instincts to just push through.

On a different note, for earth day I went along one of my regular running routes that I had noticed an increase of litter on lately.  Normally, if I’m out on a run I’ll pick up a few scattered items if I can so I wanted to do a little more.  I took a long walk and filled five garbage bags full of crap.  It looks sooo much better now and gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  Yes, I am a dork. 😛


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