Posted by: Run For Life | 10 April, 2008

“Down Time”

Still waiting for my body to catch up with my impatience. In place of running I’ve been doing a lot of walking, pilates, yoga, and strength training. I have considered that I should really buy new tubing for my bike because it’s flatter than a pancake…but I haven’t changed a tire in…well, a lot of years so I don’t want to mess it up, haha.

Here’s something quite interesting though. What NOT to do on your “down time”: 1. Jog up a muddy hill in your slippers (traction, what’s that?) 2. slip and not try to balance 3. awkwardly stick one arm out and make the landing even more bizarre, with your shoulder taking the brunt of the force. (Don’t ask WHY I was doing this…it’s beyond me. I think the filter on my brain needs some cleaning.)

I’m ok, not sore…but seriously. I can be SUCH a ditz sometimes, lol. It’s actually quite comical now that I think of it. Even when it happened I thought “Only me. I hope no one saw that. THAT would be embarrassing.” Ahhh, good times. Good times. I seem to be having a lot of these examples lately. 😛


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