Posted by: Run For Life | 4 April, 2008


– I’m still feeling great so yesterday’s glitch remains unsolved.

– Watching the Swimming and Diving NCAA Championships yesterday somehow acted as a catalyst to dig out my pool bag.  Then, I obsessively researched coaches in my vicinity (choosing to lose sleeping time for this.)  I also somehow managed to spill the entire bottle of Ultra Swim shampoo on my bag so now I have training, competition, and recreational suits all in my line of vision and the lingering scent of the shampoo wafting around.  This does NOT help the desire to jump back into the pool…pfft!  I’m not touching anything else related to a pool for a while or else I’ll go insane not being there.  Though I may be indulging in some YouTube videos. 😛

– To continue this disjointed post: I had to renew my license before it expired so I went to the DMV first thing…fully expecting to dwindle away several hours of precious time (as always.)  I was literally in and out of there in under 10 minutes!  I was so ecstatic it’s ridiculous.  I’m still in disbelief.

– I keep forgetting to write for “Take It and Run Thursdays” on Thursdays.  Expect a backdate shortly.

…..annnd that’s all I have to bore you with for now.



  1. […] suits have been sitting in my swim bag for three or four years.  (Yes, I’m still having my pool issues.)  ProWash removed the chlorine. Seriously.  It floored me.  When I shoved my nose into the […]

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