Posted by: Run For Life | 24 March, 2008

Well that was different.

Last week I had a medium paced 5k on Tuesday’s schedule which I was looking forward to by the end of the day.  I started out at dusk and figured it’d be quick…oh boy was I wrong!  I felt like I went out way too fast but by the time I admitted this to myself I was warmed up and didn’t want to slow down (figures, eh?)  After a little bit of time had passed I guessed I was around 3k in to the run yet my sensor told me I was only 1k in.  Nothing was hurting and I thought that for sure the loop I picked to go around was 2 miles but then thought maybe I mapped it wrong so I kept going.

I ran up a decent sized hill adjacent to the loop and as I reached the crest I heard a dog bark.  No biggy, this happens a lot.  Then, I see this Dobermann Pinscher standing there looking at me and it barks a little more.  I grew up around big dogs so that didn’t bother me.  I didn’t look at it again and kept running, now down the other side and onto a separate road.  All the sudden the Dobermann barks louder and more viciously and I hear the clanging of dog tags.  I turn my head and sure enough it’s decided to chase me.  Oh crap.  I could tell that by stopping to walk would be a bad decision.  I was suddenly looking for the nearest bush or something I could run to without the dog being able to follow.  Talk about unexpected speed work!

Fortunately, some kids were out playing street hockey in their driveway and yelled “RUN OVER HERE!!!” We all went into the garage just in time.  The littlest one said “I know I’m not supposed to talk to strangers but we always see you out running and we didn’t want the mean dog to eat you.”   That made me laugh and I said thanks.  One of the bunch then went inside and their dad phoned the neighbours to put the dog inside.  Apparently this isn’t the first time they’ve seen the dog become overly aggressive.

I know not all Dobermann’s are like that but I have experience with them (a neighbour of mine owned two well behaved ones) and that dog was definitely not well trained so it was easy for me to see the dog was not just trying to protect “his” territory.  I’ve never seen this dog before and I run that route fairly often.  It definitely makes me not want to go up that hill again  because that’s pretty irresponsible of the owners.  What really ticked me of was that if I happened to be chased and bit that would be bad but I would be able to deal.  However, with  children in the area that’s a much more hazardous scenario if no adults are around or they can’t get the kids to safety fast enough.

Anyway, the boys had me take a couple shots at the net before I continued on and apparently I’m a great hockey player to a group of ten year olds, haha.  That encounter shook me up more than I thought initially so I walked past that house again even though the dog was inside.  (I was wishing I had a cellphone so I could call someone to pick me up.) It became completely dark, I had my headlamp on and was planning on heading home…but apparently my workout wasn’t done when I glanced at the distance.  I thought I must be really out of it so I ran slowly and thought about cutting things short.   I kept thinking I was running a lot more than I should be but finished anyway.  Then I walked back home and it was well over an hour since I had set out.

I was exhausted once I got through the door.  I wanted to just sit down and not move.  To complicate matters, I was hungry and needing some water.  I somehow mustered enough muscle power in my legs to go to the washroom for a quick shower and then prepare a light dinner.  Needless to say I slept well.

The next day I decided to look at my data.  Average pace: 11:34 per km.  No bloody way was that right!  So I mapped out my route and sure enough, I did way more than 5k.  It was about 12 miles.  No wonder my body was tired at the end of my “5k.”  Next time I totally need to trust my instincts about mileage.  Clearly, some part of the sensor wasn’t picking things up right.  I got so disgusted with that I’ve not tried to figure out what happened (I plan on doing this tomorrow.)

Then the foot pain then started the next day.  Stupid dog.

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