Posted by: Run For Life | 15 March, 2008


The sore feet from yesterday vanished and it was another great rainy run!  I had on the agenda to go search for new shoes yet again but didn’t get around to it so I’ll probably have to wait until next Saturday.  I’m too chicken to order runners online.

Right now I don’t have much else to report except that I am wide awake and bored.  Eureka!  I have something to blog about!

So….I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this previously but I was looking in the clearance section of a book store and found a training log for $1.00 about a month ago.  I had opted for my year of RW to come with the same log I got but didn’t use last year (I think I wrote down two days…heh…)  though it still hasn’t made it’s appearance in my mailbox.  This one seemed better equipped  with more space, tips, stories, and inspirational quotes.  I still haven’t started using it but I have read some of it.  Go figure.

I neeeeed to start logging things.  I am usually obsessed with tracking things but when it comes to running I haven’t been able to implement the concept.  I have no idea why.  So this upcoming week it is my goal to start logging runs.  Because I’ve been so bad about this I think I’ll have to resort to rudimentary psychology concepts: I need to come up with A. a punishment if I don’t do it. and B. a reward for if I do.

Yeah, zzz, I know.  I can’t sit still any longer anyway so I’ll let you all relish in that fact.

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