Posted by: Run For Life | 14 March, 2008

It’s all about the feet

Well it just so happens that my post was going to be related to my feet and I noticed an article on the CRN about high heels that piqued my interest. (I’ll elaborate on this further down.)

Today’s run was wonderful because I absolutely love running in the rain!  Despite this fact my feet were protesting.  The arches acted up and the Achilles’ tendon on my right side was tight.  I think this is all due to really needing new shoes so tomorrow I go out on my quest again.  Even still, I think it’s high time for my body’s little nagging pains to stop squawking and just let me run to my heart’s content!

To ignore that, I got to thinking about marathons again.  I have three contenders now and I’m leaning towards the Hartford marathon or the Québec City marathon.  I also have at least one half picked out (though I’m unsure if I’ll be able to get out there to do it.)  In the back of my mind is the crazy thought of perhaps doing two marathons this year.  That makes me a bit nervous, haha.

Note to the men: Your eyes are probably going to glaze over if you read this so feel free to skip the rest of this post.

In regards to the aforementioned CRN article, I think I’d be good at these new types of races, lol.  Like most women I love shoes…especially stilettos.  I know that they are proven to be unhealthy for wearing extended periods of time but I am fond of my high heels and also very stubborn at times (good luck convincing me to wear “geriatric shoes” – as my mother calls them.)  As an added plus they actually make me feel like I am of average height. 😛  I own anything from flats to a kitten heel up to 5″ high heels.  Also, I have mastered being able to wear them and not tumble over or look like a fool.

For example, at one of my previous jobs a minor fire broke out in one of the buildings we were in “charge” of running.  This resulted in closing the front desk and my colleague and I racing over to account for the guests there.  (This was also the first time we were on our own after training, haha.)  I was wearing 3″ heels and had no trouble getting there over the dirt, cement, and grassy areas in between (it was a fair distance away.)  That was exciting!  Even though a 10,000 shopping spree would be quite tempting I wouldn’t want to risk sidelining myself from an important race so I’ll leave it to the women whose orthopedists won’t kill them!

[End girly spiel.]


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