Posted by: Run For Life | 8 March, 2008

This is ridiculous!!

MARATHON DECISION  ::cue villainous music:: It’s creeping up on me.  I need to plan for this and soon.  I still haven’t the fainest clue as to what I want to run yet.

Waiting for the race to start

Here’s what I do know:
– That I want to go somewhere other than Nike.  Tying travel in with running is just fantastic.
– I think I’d enjoy running in a smaller marathon (lets face it…23,000 at the starting line was a bit crowded.)
– There are a couple “near a beach” marathons I think sound good because I am a sucker for the salty ocean air.
– Some others sound good to me because…well…I really have no idea.
– I am waaaay over thinking this.

How do you choose your marathons?  “Eeeny meeeny miney mo?”  Location?  Looks? Recommendation?  Pin the tail on the map?

In  other news, I did not run yesterday or today.  I figured I’d better not use up my four-leaf clover luck before St. Patty’s Day arrives.  That and the fact that I felt more “blah” today.  Hence, the lack-of-marathon-planning obsessing. 😛  I even DREAMT that I was driving over a marathon route and yeah…I have no life.

I have also decided I need more friends.  To be precise, more actual people I can go on runs with.  It’s HOW to find them that’s the problem.  Join a new group?  Get a gym membership?  Stop runners I see along my routes and ask them if they’ll be my friend? 😉

OK, I think I have a problem with talking this week.  This was supposed to be concise and it’s just ridiculous.

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