Posted by: Run For Life | 8 March, 2008


Oh yes, it’s time to fork over some hard earned moola for new runners.  Here’s the interesting part though….I


finally did a wet test (after thinking I should do this for a looong time.)  See, initially when I started running I was positive I supinate.  However, running store girl #1 said I pronate.  I thought that was weird so I went in on a different day and running store guy #1 said I had a neutral gait/slight supination.  Went to running store AGAIN and running store guy #2 said I pronate.  So I tried a bunch of shoes on and ended up with an Asics stability pair.  I loved them (they were comfy!)  Injuries during this time: super horrid shin splits (though I’m positive it was made worse by being on pain meds for a broken hand so I didn’t notice the pain right away) and some IT Band aggravation.  Changed to a Brooks  stability pair and I have grown to hate them….I’m positive they have too much support.  My feet/calves have always hurt in these ones after runs.  Being that I spent a lot on them I figured I’d just suck it up.

I do not keep good mileage track on my runners and consequently have most definitely worn both pairs down more than they should have been.  Oops.

Now, this wet test revealed high arches.  (Which confirmed my initial feeling about being someone that supinates.)  Technically (according to this) runners such as moi should not wear stability or motion control shoes.  The thing is I’m scared to NOT wear a stability runner.  I’m afraid my ankles will snap or something equally as painful.  This could be an irrational fear, lol.  Do you think it really matters?  Should I go to a different running store and see what they think about my running form?

Also, I want to begin to rotate pairs.  (Just two to start with.)  For those of you that do, are you using the same pair or different ones?  Do you use a racing flat for speedwork or intervals?  Are there any benefits you can think of besides the shoes lasting longer?



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