Posted by: Run For Life | 28 February, 2008

My knee has angst.

A curb and I had a falling out the other day.  Apparently it was lovin’ my runners and didn’t want them to leave it so soon…which (as you can imagine) did not end up with me departing said curb gracefully.  So now my ITB is rebelling.  fan-FREAKING-tastic.  Juuuust last week I was dreaming about getting through training for my next marathon sans injuries.  I haven’t touched my little ITB stability band for a few months and was thinking we had resolved our issues and perhaps it needed to retire with it’s friends the crutches and ankle brace.  HA!  Of course not!   It also just so happens that when I logged in the first post I see is about Tisha’s runner’s knee.  Karma is such a pain in the *knee* sometimes.  I know.  I’m hilarious.  At least it does help.  😛

I also dread that being around little children that sneeze and cough on you all day as well as have questionable hand washing habits has finally gotten to me.  I’ve been pretty congested lately, my throat is sore, and I’m low energy.  I’m still trying to ward off a full blown attack though with exercise, sleep, and nutritious foods.

P.S.  I have purchased le stick.  It was a toss up since I’m pretty sure foam rollers accomplish the same thing.  Oh yes, this was a definite call for a pro/con list.  Though cheaper is always a plus, the smaller size of the stick won out.  Just wait until I have room for gym crap.  Oh it’ll be glorious!


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