Posted by: Run For Life | 27 January, 2008

Much needed run!

It was one of those days.  When you think of a million excuses to not go out.  When even though deep down you know a run is just the remedy you need, the internal battle of the conscience continues.  Fortunately, I changed into my running clothes and that’s always enough to make sure I get out there.  I began my jaunt with the same blah feeling.  “Just a short run/I can’t handle a real run today/ugh my foot hurts/there’s a big hill/I can walk if I want to…” I told myself.  I decided to pummel that inner negativity and thought of all the good things about the run.  I was warm, the roads were clear, it was sunny, I could hear my breath in rhythm with my pace (I love that)…you get the picture.  I wasn’t in the zone, just enjoying the run.

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