Posted by: Run For Life | 6 January, 2008

Just a bit “off”

As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve had trouble focusing on things lately.  I’m usually one of those people that once they are doing a task they wouldn’t notice if a fire was burning down the building or some other major disaster happened until said task was completed.  So it’s unsettling and I just can’t seem to fix this…my diet’s the same, my caffeine consumption is really low as usual, my sleep is adequate, blargh.

For some reason this has translated into my runs the past few days.  Frankly, that annoys me beyond belief!  I’m tired of my legs feeling like logs/pace all over the place/random limbs aching/just plain being in a “funk.”  I’m also on a weird sleep schedule at the moment which probably isn’t helpful either.  I rested today instead of going for a long run so perhaps that will be a remedy?  Maybe I’m fighting off bacteria from penetrating my mucous membranes?  Or maybe I just need to relax (easier said than done.)  We shall see.

Now, for less whiny news: I am now looking at different training programmes and trying to decide which one I think will suit me best.  Secondly, I think I will participate in the 9 on the 9th as there aren’t many “actual” races going on this time of year.  I am also trying to choose what marathon I want to do next and also sign up for some halves and smaller races to complement the training programme that I have not yet picked.  Haha, if you’re having déjà vu it’s because I think I also mentioned these things well over a month ago.

Uhm…let’s see…I had something else to ramble about but at the moment it escapes me so I’ll end it here.



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