Posted by: Run For Life | 27 December, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas 🙂 If you’re one of my Jewish or other religious affiliated friends I hope you enjoyed having a day off and the end of most shopping madness. (No, I do not and have never gone out on Boxing Day so to me Christmas is the end!) Tangent: I actually did all of my Christmas shopping on the 23rd in less than two hours so I was impressed with myself, hehe.

I had a nice laid back Christmas, I got a pair of winter running tights and a long sleeved tech shirt which I was fortunately able to test out after things calmed down. I went a little over 10k and since it’s been a bit “warmer” (read: 2-3C) I was actually a bit hot and wished I had not worn my jacket. The run itself was sort of tough…and since I’m posting a couple days after I honestly don’t really remember why, oops. Even though the run wasn’t perfect in terms of speed and such I enjoyed being able to get out and run. It was also very calm. I did not encounter any other form of life (including cars!) So that was something; I felt hardcore running while everyone else was probably inside knocking back the ‘nog, lol.

Today however, I slept in after being perhaps the most domestic I’ve ever been by baking until an ungodly hour. Though I wanted to run I wasn’t able to make time around other scheduled things in my day. So I shall go tomorrow…it’s snowing again so I might have to crack out the screw shoes!

I’m mulling over the idea of entering another race for July…the price is quite steep (hence the mulling) especially since it’s a 10k race ($60.00). It seems like it would be a fabulous run though and I’ve only heard good news from it so I most likely will. I’m also still on the lookout for what marathon I want to enter (and I’m thinking a few halves as well) for the year. I’m excited about the prospects!


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