Posted by: Run For Life | 11 December, 2007

Hand me the paddles we’ve got no sinus rhythm… my running routine, that is.  Fortunately my own cardiac rhythm is not flat as a pancake.  Imanerd, I know.  Shush.

Ready to go

ANYWAY…I skipped out on my Sunday run because I spent all Saturday skiing!  Though it’s been four years so I was a little rusty.  I uh, kind of accidentally went down a black diamond as my first run back.  Not really recommended after a long hiatus, haha.  It took a few minutes to find my “skier’s legs” again.  Then I stuck to blue runs for the rest of the time minus a couple green runs right before closing time.  It was fun and nice to hit the slopes again. 🙂

I planned to do my Sunday run but the skiing definitely zapped my energy

and I was feeling a bit of sickness coming on.  My immune system did end up letting me down which leads us into today…missed run due to losing my voice and because am general feeling below par.  I figured that I might be pushing it too much to try to run today.  I really really hope I can pound the pavement tomorrow though.

Mid-day break

Mmm, warmth!

I know, I look super tired and cranky…wasn’t expecting a pic there, lol

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