Posted by: Run For Life | 24 November, 2007

I seriously need to come up with some better titles…

…because lately I’ve been lacking in that form of ingenuity and frankly it’s a bit depressing 😛

It doesn’t seem like four days have passed since I last posted but it’s been a pretty strange week. I went for a run yesterday, I did some unplanned speedwork although it was of the fartlek kind instead of at a track. I seem to enjoy that better because I’ll push myself more for some reason. My lungs are having a little difficulty adjusting to the colder air when I first start but after a few mins. it’s all good. I didn’t bring my watch or anything so I’m not even sure of the pace and times.

Today I went out for a short half hour run just because I was feeling “meh.” I went at a comfortable pace and it was enjoyable. I felt much better after (as I do 99% of the time.)

Tomorrow I am going to do my first long run since the marathon and I’m excited about that!

In non-running related news there is a DVD stuck in my computer 😦 It didn’t “pull it” all the way in and so the computer doesn’t think one is in there but there is. RAWR! This is the first problem I’ve had with my mac and I don’t want to send my computer in for repair, bah! Though, the whole point of this is that I will and most likely won’t be able to post for a bit. I’ll let you know when that happens.

…and since my posts have been a bit boring as of late (my apologies) I shall leave you with this funny one.


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