Posted by: Run For Life | 20 November, 2007

Just some random things…

– If you’re a fellow runner reading this do you ever find yourself in a stressful situation and just wishing you could go for a run RIGHT in that moment to work through it? (Even if that’s not possible…) I’ve found this a few times and in one way it’s comical and on the other hand I find it adds to the stress that I can’t just lace up my runners and go, oh dilemmas!

– It’s cold out. When the cold hits I’m usually a treadmill convert but for some reason I really feel I should try running outside in the winter. I just get bored with the treadmill so easily and usually come to hate it sooo…I’ve been reading a few articles about cold weather running. I’m a bit hesitant to follow the advice and not layer a billion clothes on me (including a down coat and mukluks, hehe jk it’s not THAT cold.) I know I get warmed up running but I’m normally “colder” than most people so going out with a minimal amount of gear seems counterintuitive to me…I guess I just need to test things out. Don’t worry, you’ll hear the reports 😉

– I joined a running group with the local running store….I have yet to go running with them ::cough:: Sometimes I can be painfully shy, believe it or not.

– Last but not least: Tomorrow (21 November) is the last day you can donate towards my goal for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Thanks soooo much again to everyone who has already contributed how they could, be it through a financial donation, time, effort in helping me out, or undying support. You are all awesome and it’s very much appreciated!!!


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