Posted by: Run For Life | 1 November, 2007

San Francisco Recap

While I didn’t have a lot of time to see the city I was able to get some sightseeing done.  On Friday evening we got in a bit late due to our flight being delayed so we headed over to the expo after putting the luggage in our rooms.  It was pretty nice: there was an efficient set up for getting your bib and chip, stations for free manicures, foot massage, and back massages, product placement for Luna bars and moons, goody hair elastics, jamba juice, JetBlue, as well as a Team in Training area, free yoga, and treadmills/shoes/iPods set up for testing out the Nike+ system.  We were all pretty hungry so we went to a late lunch/early dinner and then went to Niketown.

Niketown is enormous…it was pretty overwhelming the sheer size of the

store” and the amount of people in it.  There were a lot of marathon clothes but I decided not to get anything and come back in the morning since the lineup was long and an employee told me they had more stock.  Then I went out to check Macy’s which also had some marathon garb and almost bought a hoodie there because there was no lineup….but decided against it since there was a free silk screening at Niketown and I rightfully suspected we’d have to show a receipt as proof of purchase.

Then I came back to the expo to check things out more thoroughly.  There was a considerable amount more of people there and I am not known for my patience…so I picked the shortest line possible and went to the manicure station.  Then I was thinking about getting in line for the massage but the line was outside the tent.  So I lined up for a foot massage instead.  Then I wanted to go back to the hotel and thought I’d get the massage the next day.

Saturday I woke up and headed to the Expo, which was mobbed so I just went right to Niketown without going in.  There was a massive lineup but I really wanted a hoodie so I waited 20 mins to get INTO the store.  Of course they were all sold out of the one I wanted and I decided against the baby pink one since I don’t like pink very much.  I did get a pair of running pants and a new sports bra.   Lesson learned: get free massages and marathon clothes ASAP!

Then I decided to go to Fisherman’s Wharf.  Because of the wait for Niketown I ended up missing my teammates while they were down there but I enjoyed it a lot by myself!  The weather was gorgeous and it was nice to walk along the wharf.  I also ate some steamed prawns and crab, mmmm.  I also watched the bakers at Boudin Sourdough bakery.  So I was there for quite a while and then took the trolley back (sooo much fun and definitely worth the $5.00!)

After that it was onto the pasta dinner which was crazy.  There were SOOO many people there and as we walked in people clapped and cheered for us which was very surreal.  The pasta and salad was very yummy and the speakers at the dinner were great! John “The Penguin” Bingham  from Runner’s World (my picture of him came out blurry, boo…) gave a humourous yet advice laden talk and Joan Benoit Samuelson was there to speak as well!!  It was absolutely wonderful to listen to her; it was definitely inspiring.


Then it was off to bed and an early wake up for the marathon!  After the marathon there

Joan Benoit Samuelson
Joan Benoit Samuelson

was some notice of brain melt.  Such as on the ride from the finish to the hotel “I don’t remember it taking so long to GET here in the first place….oh wait…we RAN there…”  Then there was a lovely ice bath, and then curling up in the fabulous hotel beds with comfy duvets and lots of pillows…until we decided to ready ourselves for the victory dinner.  It was a tough call 😉

The victory dinner was much more low key than the pasta party.  There was a little speech but basically we just ate food, haha.  A lot of people left right after they finished eating but my teammates and I stuck around a little longer and watched some people dance and maybe possibly joined them for “The Electric Slide” and “Livin’ on a Prayer” haha.  On the way back to the hotel we stopped by a pub but it was super crowded so we just walked in and right back out.  Some teammates wanted to go celebrate but my roommate and I were content enough to go back to the hotel.  We thought it would have been around 1:00AM and were shocked when we saw the clock revealed it wasn’t even 9pm.  Needless to say, I slept well. 🙂  The sleep was much deserved though and needed since it was an early morning to catch the flight back to Vancouver.

Aerial view of San Fran
Aerial view of San Fran


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