Posted by: Run For Life | 28 September, 2007

Lonely Run

Today was gloomy, windy, and rainy; fall weather is starting to settle into Vancouver. It’s ok though because I enjoy running in the rain…and my whole run tonight was…an experience to say the least. One that I will remember.

I went down to the Nike Runner’s Lounge and ran along the seawall, around part of Pipeline, past the Rose Gardens, looped back around Lost Lagoon, ran up to Second Beach and continued running by the Inukshuk through English Bay to the Burrard Street Bridge and back.

It was already fairly dark when I set out and the yacht’s lights at Coal Harbour glistened against the calm water. Stanley Park smelled more earthy than usual due to the rain and it was great to run through the trees a bit. The beach was gorgeous, the sun was setting and a brilliant orangy-pink colour was peaking through the rain clouds and reflected against the water and buildings. The sand was wet as the tide was just on it’s way out. On the way back I saw an injured raccoon, it’s back leg was hurt and it was hoping around and looked so scared. So I ran by the park station but it was closed…hopefully the poor thing will be ok.

As far as people go, there was hardly anyone else out there. Most of the time I was alone, except for a few fellow runner’s passing by. It’s like Vancouver runner’s rainy day secret.


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